Curriculum Vitae

Yutta Saftien, born in the Black Forest, is an international acting artist, living and working in Hamburg and in Austria.
She has studied fashion design at the school of arts in Bremen and was the student of Luis Murschetz, Nancy Spero and Leon Golub.
Her artwork includes drawings, paintings, photography, sculptures, installations and landart.
With her artwork Yutta Saftien transgresses in an intented simple way the sphere of art and initiates a discussion including global, öcological, humanistic and social-political aspects.
Yutta Saftien is also working as qualified art-therapist in a KABEG hospital in Austria and as psychotherapeutic healing practitioner.
Working as an artist and as an art therapist is in Yutta Saftien´s eyes a worthy combination, which enriches her understanding of individual needs and societies psychological background. This inspires her to express and mirror her impressions through her individual artwork.

Yutta Saftien
1963 Born in the Black Forest, Germany
1982 Abitur at the Goethe-Gymnasium in Emmendingen
1982-1987 Studied fashion-design at the 'Hochschule für Künste' in Bremen, graduation diploma.
Beside this: Participation in the classes of grafic design and painting.
1988-1996 Working as fashion designer in the textile industry, from 1992 on as freelance designer.
Also working as free artist.
1995 Student at the 'Internationale Sommerakademie für bildende Kunst' in Salzburg, illustration-class of Luis Murschetz.
seit 1996 concentration on her artwork, which is very much influenced by her roots in fashion and textile design.
Since that year Yutta lives and works in Hamburg.
1997 Student at the 'Internationale Sommerakademie für bildende Kunst' in Salzburg, painting-class of Nancy Spero and Leon Golub.
Nancy Spero und Leon Golub, in whose class the idea for the first installation was born, kept contact and gave good advice for the further artwork.
They arranged the contact to the New York art historian Jo Anna Isaak, who, since 1998, included Yutta´s garbage-T-shirt installation from Hamburg in her lessions at the Cornell University in Los Angeles.
2002 birth of the Greeny-idea while staying in Stuttgart for two years (2002-2004)
seit 2004 back in Hamburg
2009 - 2012 Yutta Saftien has passed sucessfully an EU-licenced education in Art Therapy and in Gestalt Therapy at the HIGW in Hamburg
2011 - 2018 Yutta Saftien worked as Art Therapist at the Asklepios Westklinikum in Hamburg in the psychiatric department
2012 Yutta Saftien passed the exam for psychotherapistic Heilpraktiker in Hamburg
seit 2015 Yutta Saftien has bought a wonderful space in the Alpes of Austria, her mountain studio. She from now on lifes and works in Hamburg and in Austria
since 2018 Yutta Saftien works as Art Therapist at the LKH-Villach in Austria in the psychiatric department
2019 - 2020 Yutta Saftien has passed sucessfully an education in Couple Therapy at the HIGW in Hamburg
Gruppenausstellungen (Auswahl)
1986 Bremen, Galerie am Postmoor
1987 Bremen, 1.Short-film-festival: Participation with the diploma experimantal-video 'Syntax Error' -> video activity
1993 New York, Abney Gallery
1994 Osnabrück, Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, 'Myth from a bottle - Coca-Cola culture in the 20th century', Organisation: Designzentrum Essen.
Thessaloniki, Gallery Lola Nikolaou
1995 New York, Abney Gallery
Paris, Marseille, Barcelona, itinerant exhibition against discrimination, violence and intolerance
Organisation: Humanistisches Zentrum Kölnr
1996 Stuttgart, Galerie unterm Turm
1997 New York, New Art From Israel Gallery
1998 Hamburg, Galerie im Atrium
Hamburg, Galerie Kruse am Groß Neumarkt
1999 New York, Synchronicity Space
2001 Hamburg, Galerie im Atrium
2004 Stuttgart, Künstlerhaus - 'Draw and Order'
Emmendingen, City Hall, Greeny IV - 'Answers to Eva und Borchert'
2006 Stuttgart, Greeny at a bus-stop on Birkenwaldstrasse as part of the project 'Vorfahrt' from the Gallery 'eigen-art'.
2008 Frankfurt a.M. / U.F.O., Participation at the exhibition 'Bodenlos' with the Cocoons
2011 Hamburg, "What Money Can´t Buy" Greeny-Installation at the Hamburg Art Week 17th - 26th of June 2011
2013 Stuttgart, Galerie Oberwelt e.V., "Die Büchse der Pandorra, Das Urteil - von Franz Kafka"
Hamburg, Westwerk, 28 Jahre Westwerk
2014 Bremen, Kulturfrühling, 28 Jahre Westwerk
2015 Böblingen, Gallery of the city of Böblingen, one year installation, starting with the participation at the exhibition 'Die Klasse der Damen' 2015, March 2015 - March 2016
2016 Garlstorf close to Hamburg, participation at the Kunstfest Garlstorf as member of and with the artist group TSE TSE.
2019 Hamburg, Kunsthaus, annual BBK Exhibition: 'WELLCOME TO THE ZOO'
Leipzig, MdbK - Museum der bildenden Künste, juried participation at the YOKO ONO exhibition 'Peace is Power'
Hamburg, Frapant Gallery in the Viktoriakaserne, Greeny participation at the performance installation 'konkret.fließend' of Simone Fazer & Collectiv
Villach/Austria, participation at the exhibition 'Gegen Gewalt' at the LKH-Villach
2020 Hamburg Bergedorf, Bergedorfer Schloß, participation at the exhibition `TSE TSE meets Bergedorf meets TSE TSE´as member of the artist group TSE TSE.
2023 Hamburg, Kunsthaus, annual BBK Exibition: `UND JETZT ALLE´
2023 Kulturforum Oberdrauburg/Austria, participation in the exhibition `Draufsicht´as member of the Oberdautaler `Künstlertreff´ foundet by Yutta Saftien in 2023.
Einzelausstellungen (Auswahl)
1987 Bremen, Wallanlagen / costumes from the video 'Syntax Error'
1994 Steinhagen, City Hall / paintings
Peking, Febrü offices / paintings
1998 Hamburg, Fischmarkt and Stilwerk: Installation 'Garbage-T-Shirts'
1999 Hamburg, Museum der Arbeit, 'Unter Uns'
2002 Emmendingen, City Hall und Market-place: T-shirt action und installation UC-M1-EM
2003 Berlin, The Collegium, Studio of television station OKB: Greeny II - 'Christmas-tree'
2004 Berlin, Greeny III -Greenys on parking-meters
Hamburg, Greeny III - Greenys on parking-meters
2005 Albstadt, Maschenmuseum, large Greeny-Installation
Berlin, Greeny III - Greenys on parking-meters
Bremen, Greeny III - Greenys on parking-meters
2005 - still in process Istanbul, Bosporus-Greeny-Project, Greeny over the Bosphorus-Bridge 'Istanbul-Bogazici-Köprüsü',
several workshops and other installations in the following years are connected to this project
2007 Berlin, Albstadt, Vienna: Bosporus-Greeny workshops
2008 Istanbul, Streetlamp Greenys in Nisantasi / Istanbul as preproject for the Bosporus-Greeny-Project
Lefkosa, Girne / North Cyprus, Nisantasi-Streetlamp-Greenys as 'Greeny on the Tour'
Hamburg, Westwerk, interactive Greeny installation
2009 New York, Central Park, interactiv Greeny-action
Amsterdam, Platform 21: Participation at the exhibition 'Domestic Wilderness' from the Virtueel Museum Zuidas, combination of Bosporus-Greeny piece with the cocoons.
Duisburg, Albstad Bosporus-Greeny workshops
2010 Lienz / Austria, Landart course at the summerartacademy
2011 Tannheim / Austria, landart experiences and interventions in the landscape
2012 Hamburg-Norway/Northkap-Iceland-Shottland-Hamburg, "Greeny on board" of AIDAmar 21st of July - 4th of August
2013 Hamburg-New York, "Greeny on board" of AIDA 29th of August - 14th of September
since 2015 develloping the artspace 'ateliersaftien' in Austria as a kreativ place for common artwork, art workshops and Art Therapy.