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The Bosporus - Greeny should grow over the Bosporus-Bridge (Istanbul Bogazici Köprüsü) between the Asien and the European side of Istanbul. It will have two strings, each growing from one shore of the Bosporus to the middle of the bridge.

The vision of Yutta Saftien is, that everybody, whatever his culture, nationality, religion, gender or age is, can become a part of the project. She or he only needs to crochet a piece for the Greeny, which then will be fixed at the plant and helps the Greeny growing. Finally at a public working platform the two strings of the Greeny, each growing from one side of the bridge, will be connected at the middle of the bridge.

This project should become a picture of peaceful local and international cooperation and communication between all kinds of human individuals.


The 2000 meters of Greeny, that are neccessary to cross the bridge, are ready for installation.
But we already face difficulties in permition and financial belongings, which mainly are based on political circumstances and decisions.

Thus the project now becomes a longterm artwork, what is normal for such a big and political subject.
We hope that all people, who beliebe in the project, keep on supporting it.
The Bosporus-Greeny-Team will join the stony way until the Greeny will be on the bridge...in which year ever!

If you wish to know more details, which cannot be published here, please contact Yutta Saftien personally:


1. How to participate in the project:

- You can crochet or knit pieces for the Greeny in advance, since most of the plant must be prepared before summer 2010. Most urgently needed are pieces like tendrils (as long as possible) with leaves or blossoms (weather-resistant, what means as stable as possible because of strong wind on the bridge and possibly upcoming rain). You can create them your own style. Let your fantasy grow! Please send your finished pieces to the following adress:

Yutta Saftien
Brandstücken 33
22549 Hamburg

If possible please announce your post by email.
Thank you very much! (if you agree your name can be mentioned on this website under the point "Greeny Participants") If you are going to make a piece please send me a short email: bosphorusgreeny@aol.com

- Feel free to come to Istanbul in summer 2010 (expected date, please consult the website under "NEWS" for further developments), to help the Greeny grow acoss the Bosphorous-Bridge. You can help us to crochet and knit the last meters, connecting Asia and Europe.


2. Tendril (you find more samples under `Participant´s Greenys´)

2. Tendril  (you find more samples under `Participant´s Greenys´)


3. Short crochet course

3. Short crochet course