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Contact: yuttasaftien@aol.com

Yutta Saftien, born in the Black Forest, is an international acting artist, living and working in Hamburg and in Austria.
She has studied fashion design at the school of arts in Bremen and was the student of Luis Murschetz, Nancy Spero and Leon Golub.
Her artwork includes drawings, paintings, photography, sculptures, installations and landart.
With her artwork Yutta Saftien transgresses in an intented simple way the sphere of art and initiates a discussion including social-political aspects.
Especially with the world of the `Greenys┬┤, which she is developing since 2002, she enters the field of global humanistic discussion.
Yutta Saftien is also working as qualified art-therapist in a KABEG hospital in Austria and as psychotherapeutic healing practitioner.

Left side:
above: participation at the project YOKO ONO WATER EVENT as part of the exhibition YOKO ONO, PEACE IS POWER at the MdbK (Museum of fine Arts) in Leipzig / Germany: 04.04.-07.07.2019


below: participation in the BBK Exhibition `welcome to the zoo┬┤, Kunsthaus Hamburg, 18.01.-03.03.2019